Luthers church - Luthers organ - Luthers music … … a connection widely studied and discussed by historians and theologians throughout the ages. We know much about the great reformer’s music; some of his hymns have become anthems of the Reformation. On the 29th of April 2012 something new began in St Peter and Paul, the Church in which Martin Luther was baptised. Not only was the gothic interior redesigned, but we also want to set a new tone beyond the historic significance of the church: the meaning of Baptism today and for each and every visitor. The spirit of Martin Luther has been present here since the Renaissance through the centuries until today. The new organ will continue with this idea. we are now planning to build a new organ, preserving the unique prospectus and using individual pipes. Join us! With our community, you can support this special project!
KirCHENGEMEINDE ST. ANdreas - NiCOLai - PETRI impressum


Behind the Art-Deco- facade, the new organ arises! Join this unique project! Easy online donation Please accept our invitation to donate to the “Pipe Organ for Luther” today. Thank you very much for your help! Kreiskirchenamt Sangerhausen, Sparkasse Mansfeld-Südharz IBAN: DE77 8005 5008 0390 10817 0 BIC: NOLADE21EIL Keyword: „Pipe-Organ for Luther“
A Pipe-Organ in Honor of Martin Luther St. Petri-Pauli- Kirche / Zentrum Taufe - Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany

The project:

The organ whistles must sound as characteristic

as Luther's songs!

Forever connected - my individual share. The new organ will continue with this idea. Behind the historical organ prospect, the old is connected with the new: Music of Luther's time and compositions of our era can be heard. Although the original sounds of the Reformation have faded away, the glorious church bells have remained intact in the Church of St. Peter and Paul, where Luther was baptized on November 11, 1483. Indeed, Martin Luther probably listened to the great bell Apolonia, cast in 1499, and the other two accompanying medieval bells in the church tower. But what did the organ sound like? We can recreate the powerful musical strains coursing through organ pipes of metal and wood so that sacred music will resound again within the walls of the church where the spirit of Martin Luther has remained alive throughout the centuries. In fact, a new baptismal font and pool, contemporary yet timeless, reminds us of Luther’s faith in the glory of God and his living Word, and God’s divine promise and grace.
	“Music have I always loved” Martin Luther 1529 	Metal pipes 	Wooden pipes 	Organ Console 	Mechanical action

New Organ

The Melodious Voices

of the Renaissance

In the decades to come, the congregation and visitors will sing Luther‘s inspiring and most famous hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” as they did during the reformation, accompanied by the soaring chords of a great pipe organ. Martin Luther‘s faithful devotion and teachings will live on in the church of his baptism, carrying his message of salvation through grace into the living congregation of our time.

Wooden pipes

– The organ’s wooden pipes produce tones that are as distinctive as the hymns of Martin Luther. Handcrafted of special pine and wood of the wild service tree, they bring a beautiful rich sound to the instrument, allowing air to create pure tones that mix and unite the voices of congregational members and guests as they sing the well-known hymns of the great reformer.  
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Metal pipes

– The ranks of metal organ pipes are primarily made of a tin/lead alloy, although some registers require the addition of other elements, such as copper. After the metal are cast, they are set aside to rest and then skilled craftspeople carefully create and shape the pipes.
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Mechanical action

– It is the connection between the composer, the organist and the instrument itself that produces the brilliant music that fi lls a great church. Besides talent and skill, the organist requires a precision mechanical action to achieve the awe-inspiring sound that leads the congregation to feel God’s presence in the space.
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Empty prospectus facade with the valuable Art-déco-design of 1929 Together, we can renew the organ experience again Join us!
Discover the project! Discover the project! Join us! Join us!

The new organ

Luthers church - Luthers organ - Your donation! With your donation you can be part of the unique Project and participate individually in the formation of the new organ. In the following we show you the disposition of the Luther organ. Guided by different registers and their pipes:
Discover the project! Discover the project!

Zentrum Taufe

The door opens. A brightly illuminated space opens up before the visitor. Sharp lines, wooden pews in the warm colours of apple, pear, walnut and cherry wood. And then you are standing before the baptistry in the centre of the church. As much as it fades before the overall impression, so it imposes itself upon the visitor, when one stands at its edge. The moving circles of water appear to overflow onto the floor. And the thoughts of the observer come into motion too: When was I baptised? How were the first christians baptised? Does baptism exist in other religions? Why should someone be baptised through immersion? This is a place for such questions. Here you will get answers.


Kirchenmusikdirektor Thomas Ennenbach  Tel.: +49 (0) 3475 747690
Kirchengemeinde St. Andreas - Nicolai - Petri Pfarrerin Iris Hellmich Andreaskirchplatz 11 06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben Support th new organ and Get part with your donation PIPE-ORGAN IN HONOR OF MARTIN LUTHER Organ donation account Please accept our invitation to donate to the “Pipe Organ for Luther” today. Thank you very much for your help! Kreiskirchenamt Sangerhausen Sparkasse Mansfeld-Südharz IBAN: DE77 8005 5008 0390 10817 0 BIC: NOLADE21EIL Stichwort: „Petriorgel Eisleben“ Bitte geben Sie Ihre vollständige Adresse an, wenn Sie eine Spendenquittung wünschen!

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